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Series of the Month:

The Series of the Month is suspended until further notice.

Jobs available:

experienced typesetters, quality controllers, encoders & bittorrent seeders

apply on irc!



Anime-4ever Staff

Nickname E-mail Task
base64USA bot provider
booboodollCanada booboodoll just bitchy
BrilliantGreenUSA between booby's legs teh emoticoned one :o
d3719USA bobboboobobo! i sended u file
datadyneUSA madlyinlovewithboo Copy Ninja
error_2k2UK i eat lil boys founder and nya~
GatsuUSA Psychopath slave driver
gonzoAntartica fws AT fwsnet DOT net lord of the forums
GuptamanUSA cloudmaster
HaqadeshBelgium boo/swan's work monkey
JulianlivreLebanon Bot Provider
Mad_HatUSA pancakes mofo QC/Encoder/Archiver
MaelUSA Making the girls cry
renoreignsUSA founder and leech hater
SantaslittlehelperUSA ひみつでちゅう~ boo & Swan's slaaaaave
ShadowfaxUSA Shadowfax Encoder, Bittorrent Tyrant
Shannon-niiIreland seeder/archiver/encoder
vash`Austria the idle one
All emails are unless stated otherwise

Auxiliary Staff

Nickname E-mail Task
AnimefreakUSA Bittorrent Seeder
BlankmanUSA Subtitle ripper and proofer
DangoKItaly QCer/TSer
Even3rdUSA Encoder
forGloryPhilippines Bittorrent Seeder
gearnieAustralia muxer (i.e. boo/d3's slave)
Iceman[grrrr]Canada Subtitle ripper and proofer
Ludicrous2kCanada Quality Control
lynnerilianMalay Quality Control
masonUSA Bittorrent Seeder
neogeekUSA Quality Control
t1dUsSpain Encoder
ZecSweden Bittorrent Seeder
ZeroKewlSweden Bittorrent Seeder
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