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In The Event Of An Emergency
By Mael - Monday, 26-12-2011
Download more PlanetES by local hero t1dus!

Torrent is here:

Edit: Our bots are gone for the foreseeable future. Sorry about the confusion. All of our releases should be able to be found on either BakaBT or nyaatorrents from this point onward.

Edit: we do have a seedbot now apparently.
New bots~
By Mael - Saturday, 30-7-2011
New bots get new packlists. Both are updated and ready for leeching.

t1dus is working on some more PlanetES for you, too.
More PlanetES and AMG TV
By Mael - Tuesday, 5-7-2011
AMG TV 15-18 DVD torrent:

PlanetES 11-14 DVD torrent:

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