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Series of the Month:

The Series of the Month is suspended until further notice.

Jobs available:

experienced typesetters, quality controllers, encoders & bittorrent seeders

apply on irc!



Channel Rules

1> Respect the Operators/halfoperators of the channel and the ircops idling in the channel.

2> Whatever you do, DO NOT PM Operators unless you have something important to say and please type it out in the FIRST sentence. (i.e. don't pm "Hi" [enter]}

3> DO NOT EXERCISE THE USE OF AUTOMATED LEECHING SCRIPTS. DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT ask about release dates for our encodes, whether we have dropped or will drop a series, whether we will be torrenting a series, and/or where certain bots have gone or HOW TO FIND OUT YOUR POSITION IN WHATEVER BOT QUEUE. The status of our ongoing releases can be found here

4> DO NOT ask for a rerelease of a series we have not encoded. All our ongoing and complete series are posted on the website.

5> We are NOT a fansubbing group. Please do not assume so.

6> We are an english group. Use of other languages, except at the discression of the channel operators, is forbidden. (Limited Japanese is of course allowed ^_-)

7> DO NOT ask us where to find files...use the xdcc list section of the website to find packs on bots and the torrent site to find torrents and @find to search through fserves. It is ESPECIALLY sinful for you to ask us where to find files that we didn't not produce including other group's encodes, mp3's, warez etc.

8> We will not provide support for Windows Media Player, RealOne Player or DivX Player. Use a supported player if you have trouble playing our encodes.
8A> On Feburary 10, 2005; because of increasing issues with playback, VideoLan Client (VLC) is no longer supported.

9> No clones unless your clone has a legitimate fserve that follows our rules for fserves.

10> Mass clones or use of bots to leech is a sin and will result in a permanent ban.

11> Do not flood the channel.

12> No Request Ads unless you have an active fserver and ads are to be set to a minimum of 60 minutes (except for Operators), and no excessive usage of Mp3 Display Ads.

13> Please do not rename any of the a4e encodes from their original name. We do not provide support for files that do not carry official names. Official names can be obtained from the SFV packs.

14> No excessive profanity.

15> Respect the administrators of the Fservers and follow their rules.

16> Please do not exercise the usage of auto away messages. We really don't care where you've gone or why and for how long and if we cared to find out we'd PM you.

17> @find is allowed but do not use excessively (3 times in a 10 minute period is the third strike).

18> The use of Guest nicknames is not permitted. Automated scripts prevent their use.

19> Stay in the channel if you leech off servers or bots or your queues will be gone.


21> DO NOT XDCC LIST @ or % people!!! They are staff, not bots.

22> If you like our releases, please set up an fserve to share them!

23> Do NOT trigger spam. Use all /msg and /ctcp triggers in your server status window, not in the channel window.

24> Do NOT search for torrent files unless the torrent host site is genuinely offline. You will be banned automatically if it is not offline.

25> ALL reseed requests are handled on the forums. Failure to follow the forum's rules will result in warnings issued or forum bans, depending on severity of violation.

26> Do NOT ask to be unbanned if you get banned. Asking will only encourage us to lengthen the ban. READ: BANNED? Post Here!

27> Aspiring bot providers or anybody else > Do NOT ask us to do more Hashing.. like md5.. than what we already use..
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