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Series of the Month:

The Series of the Month is suspended until further notice.

Jobs available:

experienced typesetters, quality controllers, encoders & bittorrent seeders

apply on irc!



Fserve Rules

Please set your triggers to /CTCP-compliant.
Fserves are to be set to silent with !list.
Serving guides can be found by typing !serve in the main channel.
If you intend to share via xdcc bot, you MUST contact an Operator before you do.
To receive voice (+), you must have at least 5GB ogm/mkv and 10GB overall of English subbed or dubbed anime (nothing worse quality than avi) and 16kB/s up-stream. Your minimum cps cannot exceed 5000cps.
Your Fserve AD must show Sends & Queues.
You must have at least one send slot and ten queue slots.
@find MUST be enabled on your fserve.
Do not block detailed sends.
Only official A4E BT-seeders are allowed to have "slow speeds" or 0 sends while seeding/using Bittorrent.
No fake servers. This will result in a permanent ban.
Do NOT serve UN-Official Renamed Files or Remuxed a4e files to a different format.

Please report any violations of fserve rules to an Operator.

Any rules that are broken will result in a kick or bans of varying lengths depending on the infraction. (And yes we do permanent bans contrary to popular belief).
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