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AVC Guide

Outdated.. use CCCP instead!! or install Filters manualy

AVC Playback Guide By: ZenMasterX

This is my attempt at a NOOB proof guide to playing AVC videos

Before I proceed, you will need to ALREADY be able to play regular divx/xvid mkv files and to download the following:

FFdshow 2005-02-16 or the more current FFdshow 2005-03-03 (DO NOT get the March 12 build)

AND either:

Haalis MKV Splitter

Gabest’s MKV Splitter (or if you are a Media Player Classic user then you can just download mpc from that same site, which has the Gabest MKV splitter built-in - MPC users only need this new version of MPC and ffdshow and they should be ready to go. Make sure mpc is using its internal mkv splitter by going to options, filters, and making sure the matroska box is checked!!!)

You MAY also need vsfilter (depending on which player although I highly recommend using it regardless)

Nero Vision Express

Step 1: Configuring FFDShow

1.) Download FFdshow and launch the installation. After selecting Language and

accepting the GNU Agreement this screen will appear:

Make sure your setting look exactly like mine. Only check Avisynth, VirtualDub,

and Dscaler if you know what they are and what they are used for. Don’t ask me what they are.

Step 2

Click next, which will take you to these screen:

H.264 Must Be CHECKED to play AVC videos
H.263 is checked only if you want FFDShow to play MPEG-4 videos.

If you don’t want this then uncheck it. You can also check other options like

Xvid only if you want FFDshow to play your Xvid videos, if not leave it unchecked.

If you already have a functioning Xvid or Divx codec and don’t see the need for

FFdshow to handle those videos…leave it unchecked.

While H.263 and H.264 are both Mpeg-4 video codecs, they are not interchangeable. H.264 is a more advanced Mpeg-4 now known as AVC.

Select “Set for all users if you like”

Click on NEXT to get to this screen:

You should probably leave all audio unchecked as your existing setup for ogm/mkv would mean that you already have filters that play the audio types required. Only check something if you know you don’t have a filter for it already!!!

Click on NEXT to get to this screen:

Proceed to install.

To set up Subtitle support, right click on the FFDshow tab close to your System clock while a video is in playing; Left click on ffdshow MPEG-4

Video Decoder
, scroll down to subtitles and check the box. Make sure your settings look exactly like mine.


To change the letterbox pull down from 4:3, don’t expand the Subtitle Menu in

FFDshow. In the next picture you will see the subtitle menu.

Note: The Menu is expanded

Matroska Splitter Installation

If you use one of the other supported players other than MPC (i.e. zoomplayer, bsplayer, or core media player) you will require either the Gabest MKV splitter or the Haali MKV splitter.

To install the Gabest splitter you will need to install the correct one for your operating system. If you are using Win2K/XP then you need the file contained within the release unicode folder. If you are using Win9x, then you need the one in the release folder. Open command prompt and navigate to your folder where you extracted the correct version of Type “regsvr32” to register it

Installation of Haali MKV Splitter is straight forward and requires no guide.


For Vsfilter installation, Open command prompt and navigate to your folder where you saved vsfilter. Type “regsvr32 vsfilter.dll” to register it, do the same for

To enable vsfilter in Haali mkv splitter do the following:
1.) Click on FFdshow icon
2.) Click on the name of the video playback

This screen will come up:

Double click on Compatibility

Click on AutoLoad VSFilter

Change the Value to Yes and click on Apply

Click Ok to close.

If you are having lag problems right click on the FFDshow icon near your system clock. Left Click on PostProcessing to uncheck it.

Haali MKV Splitter


Nero vision Express is optional because of Nero’s fairly high system requirement.
Older or less powerful CPU’s will cause a jerky playback.
The above link displays is for shows nero’s minimum requirements.
Because of the high requirements we won’t support it, try it at your won’t risk.

If you decide to go with Nero, then you will need Nero Vision Express.
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