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How to join the a4e Subtitling Team

If you have a good grasp of English, have an eye for details, are dedicated, AND you want to help out a4e, you may want to join our subtitle proofing team!

We prefer people with some experience in OCRing subtitles from idx/sub files, proofreading, and timing subtitles, HOWEVER, we are willing to teach people who are very dedicated and really, REALLY want to learn. And if you have experience with ASSA and karaoke and you are willing to apply your skills, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Programs you will need to have:

- directvobsub 2.23 (includes subresync which is a MUST and I think 2.33 has some issues with vobs...)
- SubRip 1.20/1.50b
- Medusa Subtitling Station
- a word processor with spell check


1) OCR the assigned subtitle set
2) Run post OCR correction on the generated srt files
3) Save a character matrix file
4) Spell check the srt files
5) Manual skim through for common capital "i" to lowercase "l" errors and spacing errors etc. etc.
6) Occasionally you might be called upon to fix assa subtitles or time the subtitles.
7) Rar up checked files and sum file, relabel [ripped and checked] or [ripped, checked, and timed] and upload to the subtitle ftp.


Upon one month of reliable, faithful service, you will gain distro access for the remaining time that you are a reliable subripper/proofer.

We have subtitle quotas and quality checks. If you consistently produce poor subtitles or take longer than necessary to do your assignment, you will be asked to leave the team.


You must know how to demux using mkvtoolnix and you must know how to use medusa and have knowledge of ASSA scripting. Experience or self-learning is a must here as this is a difficult thing to teach without prior knowledge.

If you are interested, contact Brilliantgreen (Subtitle boss) or booboodoll by leaving a detailed message at #anime-4ever on or join #a4e-recruits.

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