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The Series of the Month is suspended until further notice.

Jobs available:

experienced typesetters, quality controllers, encoders & bittorrent seeders

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If you want to encode for A4E, read this!!!

Requirements to be an encoder for a4e are as follows:

- MUST have the basic knowledge about encoding, filters, and the whole process.
- There are requirements for what you encode and how often...we expect AT LEAST one dvd a month (we reserve the right to increase the minimum quota).
- Must be able to use YATTA*, or at least knows what YATTA is ^^.
- Must be reliable and readily available.
- Preferred to have own vobs to start up with. We can provide vobs but not before 2 complete finished series "not movies".

You will need the following applications to encode for a4e:

For Video:

- YATTA (LATEST) - Frontend for the AVISYNTH application, which allows editing of individual frames, sectioned filtering and many jobs that normal encoding tools could only dream of. This program is the most difficult to learn, but is essential in encoding anime.
- VirtualDub - Used to encode video from VOB to AVI. REQUIRED.
- DivX (Latest) - Encodes video from a MPEG2 source (DVD) to a divx compressed video file. REQUIRED.
- AVISynth 2.5.5 - Acts as a middle-man to incorporate filters into the encoding process. REQUIRED.
- DVDDecrypter - Rips the VOB's from the DVD which is encrypted, to a non-encrypted file. REQUIRED.
- DVD2AVI - Creates the D2V files required by YATTA to create YAP project files. REQUIRED.
- MKVMerge - Muxes the AVI, Audio, and Subs into an MKV file. REQUIRED.

For Audio:

- OagMachine
- HeadAC3che
- Nero Digital

For Subtitles:

- VSRip - Rips the IDX/Subs files from the VOB's.
- SubRip - Rips the subs directly from a VOB or from IDX/SUB files. REQUIRED
- Medusa - Allows for ASSA Subtitles creation and timing of SRT/ASSA subs, very useful. is your place to find those filters, programs. Also it is a good place to visit every now and then to learn what is new and good.

Rewards? Distro access upon the completion of ONE 13 episode series and distro access for the remaining time that you make the minimum quota. Encoders who have gained distro access and have proven themselves to be reliable may use the subtitle ripping, proofing etc. services that we provide our other encoders.

There is 3 sample vobs that you need to do and submit before you can join our team... PM ArabianSwan for those vobs and further instructions or join #a4e-recruits on immortal-anime!
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