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How to Join the A4E Quality Control Team

What is QC?

QC stands for Quality Control. As an individual, an a4e QCer is responsible for files encoded by a4e. Your duty is to check for mistakes that can occur during the encoding process, and to ensure that they do not appear when the files are released. See the v2 and v3 of the files re-released by us? That's due to files having critical mistakes in them, large enough that patches won't fix.

So, how do I join QC?

First, ask yourself: are you dedicated? QCers sometimes have to watch the same file repeatedly to catch errors. You also don't always get to choose what files you QC. Sometimes we will have a great many to choose from but at other times, we will need to assign people files. We expect you to work for the benefits you get. If you think you are ready, join #a4e-recruits and wait until you get a response.

So why join QC? There are BENEFITS!!!

1) Distro bot access! Queue up to 100 files, separated queues from the main channel. (i.e. no wait)
2) Pre-pre-release! You get to watch the newest encodes, even before it get shipped to the prerelease bot.

QC responsibilities:

1) Subtitles.
a)Capital i/lowercase L mistakes usually happen during the subtitle ripping process. Sometimes the sub checker missed it. Your duty is to find and report them.
b)Grammar mistakes/mispelling. DVD company sometimes rush the process. For example, the use of is and are in one sentence, or "A" instead of "At". You are to make sure that those problems are fixed.
c)Timing. Check and see if it's unusually off. Report them.
d)Spacing errors. For example, th e subt itles so metimes lo ok l ike thi s .

2) Video errors.
a) Interlaced frames.
b) Mouthcomb
c) Wrong aspect ratio
d) non-source shaking
e) non-source ghosting

3) Audio error
a) Audio glitch that aren't from source must be reported.
b) Unusually low noises, gaps, missing voices.
c) Missing audio streams. Sometimes the sound gets cut off half way through an episode.

4) Titles/Muxing errors.
a) Stream naming error. For example, English audio stream being named Japanese, or subtitles not being properly named.
b) If the name of the episode doesn't match the title displayed in Media Player Classic, you must report it as well.

1) All QCers must report their findings to the special QC subforum and maintain their list of QCed anime at this forum.
2) QCers are expected to know how to make screenshots from anime and post them at the forums and to know how to use the patching utility Zidrav.
3) All QCers must use a default font OTHER than Arial or anything that cannot differentiate between capital "i" an lowercase "l"
4) Qcers must be able to see special fonts in ASSA subtitle streams. (So NO people who use VLC exclusively please!)
5) Qcers should be reasonably comfortable with IRC and already know how to work the XDCC bots. (We're not here to teach you how to leech you know).

1) Each QCer must check at least 3 files weekly, possibly more or less depending on the number of files ready for QC that week.
2) Three Strike rule - If you pass a file that has to be re-released as a ver2, you will get one strike. Three strikes will result in you getting kicked out of the QC team.
3) Inactivity - If you're away for over two weeks without telling the encoders/people in the QC channel, we will assume that you have left the QC team. Remember, you work for your benefits.

-- written by SantasLittleHelper, 2/26/05. QCRules v.1
-- updated by booboodoll, 2/26/05. QCRules v.2
-- updated by SantasLittleHelper, 8/12/05. QCRules v.3
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