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The Series of the Month is suspended until further notice.

Jobs available:

experienced typesetters, quality controllers, encoders & bittorrent seeders

apply on irc!



BitTorrent Rules

Alright, bittorrent rules are as follows:

1. All problems related to bittorrent are handled in the bittorrent section of our forums.
2. Asking for a reseed on a torrent that is already seeded or has a full copy in distribution will be ignored. Repeated requests of this nature may result in a ban.
3. Smaller torrents are removed to make room for larger batches on a regular basis, especially during releases. If you get a 'not authorized' error on your torrent, redownload the torrent and try again.
4. Reseed requests are handled in a first-come first served basis, unless another torrent needs seeding. This is especially true during releases.

If you are affiliated with the american licensing company of any particular anime listed on these pages and want your media removed, PLEASE E-Mail Shadowfax to have the title in particular removed from the links. Thank you.
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